Like – when you start to care about something a lot


When you start to like something, you probably feel so lucky and happy.

Those feeling is coming from your heart, so it is very pure and natural.

After that, you start to feel pain because you start to like something more and more.

Few days ago, my friend was suffering from the pain.

He is one of the musician . He performed one of the concert and it did not go as he wish.

He said he almost wanted to quit to be a musician.

I know that feeling very well.

Because he likes music so much and he care about that a lot, he feel like that.

I suffered to play one short phrase for more than five years.

Whenever I have to play that part, I was so nervous and feel like passing out:(

It is all because I like to play the music and I care about that a lot.

Since I like something , I feel warm and happy.

Since I like something so much, I feel pain .

Since I feel pain, I want to run away . But I like so much, so I have to live with the pain.

To like something is sometimes so hard.

When I strongly feel that I do not want to feel same pain ness again, I started to like something again.

Oh, well ! Life is tough.

But I think it is lots better than I

don’t know of that feeling.

After we suffer from pain, we understand other people’s pain and you wanted to be kind to them.

After I look back about my life,

I found little happiness inside.

My life is only one time, so I decide to live with the pain 🙂

To Like something or to like somebody brings you a lot of joy after all.