Salzburg Music Festival


I went to one of the best concert in my life yesterday at The house for Mozart in Salzburg .

Violinist Renaud Capuçon plays three big pieces with his gorgeous sound especially high tone.

I was moved with the cellist ,Clemens Hagen’s playing.

He is so stable and he has enormous musical passion. And I must say his sound is so big and thick. He used the Strad , but I think he brings out the best sound out of that instrument ?????

The pianist , Trifonov has huge tone and he plays all three difficult pieces without any daubt?

Their characters are different, but when they play together , it mixed so well and became huge one big oil painting with lots of colours.

One old elegant grandfather next to me was closing his eyes and smiling in piece. I never seen the happiest expression before. That makes me feel so warm.

I could tell the audience who were there last night loves music .

I was so happy to be there.?